If you have any comments/suggestions/complaints/bug reports, please write an e-mail to h.drexl at elitepigs.de

Babel Babel was developed at the Fachhochschule Salzburg within the scope of Josef Schinwald's game development course. The team members are:

Johannes Allesch


jallesch.mma2005 at fh-salzburg.ac.at

Hannes Drexl

Original concept, game logic, texturing, modeling

h.drexl at elitepigs.de

Dominik Gröstlinger

Original concept, modeling, texturing

dgroestlinger.mma2005 at fh-salzburg.ac.at

Simone Horschak

Original concept, modeling

casscade at gmx.net

Daniel Ostermann


dostermann.mma2005 at fh-salzburg.ac.at

Daniel Übleis

Original concept, modeling, texturing

duebleis.mma2005 at fh-salzburg.ac.at

FH Salzburg

Elitepigs GameDevelopment

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